Our Story


My name is Mike and my wife is Lia.

We have been blessed by Haiti since 2003 when we traveled to Thor, Haiti with a mission team from Champaign IL. Our project was to assist in building a school in Thor, Haiti. On our first trip we met our interpreters Jean Claude Degazon and Marc Montas Joseph. Jean Claude and Joseph have been Childhood friends.

That is where our relationship began and still continues to grow to this day! Ever since then we have continued to return to our second home – Haiti. The people and relationships that we have made will stay with us the rest of our lives. We are devoted to serving in Haiti and to help wherever we can to support the people of Haiti.

When the earthquake struck in January of 2010 Jean Claude and Joseph were interpreters for a medical team in Port Au Prince, Haiti. The building they were working in collapsed and Jean Claude was trapped inside along with several from the American medical team. Joseph after hours and hours of digging and praying managed to get Jean Claude and several team members to safety. Unfortunately some of the team members perished in the rubble.

As the weeks passed and the healing began Jean Claude heard a calling from God to give back to a very poor area that he had visited in Arcahaie, Haiti. The normal cost for schooling is approximately $45 per month plus $20 for uniforms for attending the school. The average income for Haitians in this area is less than $300 annually.

Jean Claude's vision would provide free schooling for the children of Arcahaie. Jean Claude approached us and asked if we could help. We went back home to the church and to our friends and expalined the vision. In 2012, through answered prayers and a lot of generous people, the School of Hope arose.