The Vision


The difficulty lies in lack of steady income and sustainability because unemployment levels in Haiti are over 90%.

The school operates through donations and mission teams that serve on site. Our vision is for the guesthouse to be managed by Jean Claude and Joseph to help create sustainability to help support the community by employing cooks, grounds keepers, interpreters, drivers, house keepers and maintenance persons to name a few.  It will also serve as a residence for the manager and family.

When the guesthouse is not occupied by mission teams it will be used as a community center for various workshops and for buying and selling local goods and food products produced there. These products that are sold in the local markets will help support the financial well-being of the community and help the sustainability of the school.

More About Our School:

  • A typical school day is from 8am-1pm. It starts with the national anthem of Haiti as their flag is being raised. 
  • There are approximately 10 teachers and a principal for the school, kindergarten through 8th grade. There are approximately 400 total students that attend the school. 
  • Around noon they receive a hot meal consisting of beans and rice. For many it will be their only meal for the day until school tomorrow.
  • The nature of the children is very different than in America - patient, polite, sharing with friends.
  • School year is from September - June. July and August are very hot in Haiti. 
  • Rainy and hurricane season is Oct - Jan, so mission teams are few and far and in between during these months.
  • The guesthouse is the main activity for the summer. We hope to finish the foundation this summer. Funding is important for its completion going forward